Training Construction Project Management

Pelatihan Construction Project Management

Offered as an intensive Three day training course, this programme has been specifically developed to align with the CIOB 5th edition of the ‘Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development’, which includes the BIM mandate and the environmental mandate.
Effective project management involves the assessment and management of risk. It represents the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception to completion and aims to meet the client's requirements by delivering a project to specification, on time and to budget. The programme is id_pelatihaneal for those who will use the code of practice in the workplace and also those who wish to understand best practice in project and construction management.
This is a highly interactive training course, with exercises based on case studies as follows:
  • Project Manager selection criteria
  • Leadership diagnostic
  • Produce and present a Project Mandate
  • Client Objectives and Business Case
  • Appraising the feasibility of three options
  • Prepare Project Brief and Stakeholder Plan
  • Causes of Project Failure
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Planning
  • Outline Schedule
  • Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Design Delivery Plan
  • Value Management & Engineering
  • Selection Criteria for the Contractor
  • Collaborative Working Attributes
  • Dealing with change scenarios
  • Performance Management Plan
  • Preparing a Handover Plan


By the end of this training course, delegates will:
  • Become proficient in using vital project management processes
  • Be able to produce key project management documents
  • Undertake effective administration of construction contracts, whether working for client, contractor or consultant
  • Be clear on the key components of construction contracts and what constitutes good contract administration, including:
  • - The tender process and its implementation
  • - Consultancy appointments
  • - Dispute avoid_pelatihanance and the dispute resolution process
  • - Insurance, liabilities and warranties in the construction industry


  • Civil engineers
  • Assistant project managers
  • Construction managers
  • Construction professionals
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Architects
  • Project engineers
  • Planning supervisors
  • Cost and planning engineers


  • Introductions, house-keeping and course objectives
  • Project Management definitions
  • Characteristics of construction projects and project management
  • Introduction to the COP 8 Stages of Project Management
  • Comparison between CIOB COP and RIBA Plan of Work; BIM Plan of Work; BS6079-1-2010; ISO 215000-2012; PRINCE2; PMI BOK and APM BOK
  • Key decisions, processes, objectives, deliverables and resources
  • Introduction of the case study
  • Stage checklists, processes, outcomes and client objectives
  • The internal team
  • The project manager
  • Project needs
  • Project mandate
  • Environmental mandate
  • BIM mandate
  • Stage checklists, processes, outcomes and client objectives
  • Outline project brief
  • Feasibility studies
  • Procurement route
  • Sustainable development including life-cycle costing
  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Project brief
  • Design brief
  • Funding and investment appraisal
  • Development planning and control
  • Stakeholder id_pelatihanentification
  • Business case and approval to proceed
  • BIM brief
The Strategy Stage
  • Stage checklists, processes, outcomes and client objectives
  • Project governance and selecting the project team
  • Risk management
  • Project planning
  • Cost planning and control
  • Change management
  • Design management process
  • Environmental management
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Quality management
  • Commissioning strategy
  • Procurement strategy
  • Employer’s requirements document
  • Project execution plan
  • BIM strategy
  • The Project handbook
  • Stage checklists, processes and outcomes
  • Managing the development of the design
  • Value Management and value engineering
  • Procuring the supply chain including managing tenders
  • Contract award and contractual arrangements
  • Collaborative working
  • Pre-start meeting
  • Establishing the site
  • Control, monitoring and reporting systems
  • The contractor’s schedule
  • Updating the risk management plan
  • Payments
  • Managing change and variation control
  • Dispute resolution
  • BIM Strategy for this stage
  • Stage checklists, processes and outcomes
  • Project team duties and responsibilities
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Public liaison
  • Quality management, inspection and snagging
  • Stage checklists, processes and outcomes
  • Procuring commissioning services
  • The testing and commissioning process and programming
  • Main tasks
  • Commissioning documentation: O&M manuals; As-Built drawings; H&S file; Building Owner’s and Occupier’s Handbooks
  • Stage checklists, processes and outcomes
  • Planning and scheduling handover
  • Practical completion and handover procedures
  • Client operational commissioning
  • Client occupation and soft landings
  • Stage checklists, processes and outcomes
  • Post occupancy evaluation
  • Project audit and performance studies
  • Project feedback and close out report




  • Certificate, 
  • Quality Training Kit (Pencil case: Erase, Bolpoint, Pencil, Tipe X, Stabillo, Flash Disk 8
  • Bag (Public Training)
  • Training Material (Hand Out & Soft Copy)
  • Convenient training facilities in stars hotel (Public Training)
  • Lunch 1 and Coffee Break 2 / Day (Public Training)
  • Souvenir
  • Gratis antar Jemput dari Bandara/Stasiun ( Khusus Yogyakarta )



Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Cirebon, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, Lampung, Timor Leste, Thailand, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur.  (dengan harga dan minimal kuota yang berbeda)


  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individ_pelatihanual Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Games
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Self-Assessment
  • Action Plan


 Tim Konsultan BMG Training & Development

Course Timings:

Daily Course Timings:

  •     08:00 - 08:20       Registerasi dan Pembukaan
  •     08:30 - 10:00       Sesi Pertama
  •     10:00 - 10:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks
  •     10:20 - 12:00       Sesi Kedua
  •     12:00 - 13:00       Lunch Break & Prayer Break
  •     13:00 - 15:00       Sesi ketiga
  •     15:00 - 15:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks & Prayer Break
  •     15:00 - 16:30       Sesi Terakhir

Permintaan Brosur penawaran Training ( Harga, Waktu dan Tempat) silahkan Menghubungi kami.


Catatan :

Pelatihan ini dapat di-customized sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan Anda bila diselenggarakan dalam bentuk In-House Training. Untuk permintaan In-House Training dengan jenis topik lainya, silahkan mengirimkan ke alamat email yang tercantum di web kami.


Request Training. Jika anda membutuhkan informasi pelatihan yang belum tercantum pada website ini, atau anda ingin memberikan usulan materi yang sesuai dengan tingkat kebutuhan perusahaan anda, silahkan mengirimkan ke alamat emailyang tercantum.


Bila tid_pelatihanak ada tanggal dan waktu atau yang tercantum sudah kadaluarsa did_pelatihanalam artikel mohon tanyakan kepada kami untuk jadwal terbarunya.


Peserta bisa mengajukan Tanggal Pelatihan / Training selain yang tertera pada silabus penawaran.


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